Case Studies

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From Average to Industry-Leading Social Media Marketing

How an average quick-service maintenance company quickly accelerated its brand ahead of its industry through gamification, education and AR.

Building A Highly Engaged Community of Customers and Employees

The story of a barbershop chain elevating its brand and employee engagement through a successful social media transformation.

Raise Meaningful Awareness Through Gamification

Promote the launch of a new menu item through gamification to generate awareness in an engaging and measurable way.

Instant Return-on-Investment Through Targetted Media Buying

How geo-targeted, multi-platform advertising campaign increased a shopping mall's foot traffic by 10% during the holiday season.

Doubling Online Sales Within 30 Days

Diversify the revenue source of the restaurant chain through increasing online orders while paying only 40% of media cost compared to its industry peers.

All Condominiums Sold Out: 8-Figure In Value

How we helped the developer sell over a hundred homes in a slow real estate market.

Frequently asked questions

What does Hook + Ladder do and for whom?

Hook + Ladder provides a full-service digital marketing department for established and growing brands that have a lean marketing department of 3 or less full time marketers.

What does Hook + Ladder actually do?

For the price of 1 to 2 employees’ salary, H+L provides our client partners access to a top notch social media team, digital advertising strategist, creative director and content team, email marketing, automation & analytics specialists, web developer, SEO specialists, and more.

How is Hook + Ladder different from other digital marketing agencies?

Every client partner we work with is a long-term partner. We will learn about their business and industry deeply, no different than how their employees would. We seldom take on ad-hoc project work because we have built enough marketing systems to know that ultra successful marketing takes strategy, learning, co-creation with our clients, and time.


You will have an H+L Director as your counterpart, someone who is at a marketing leadership level. You can see this individual as your Senior Digital Marketing Manager, who will work with you to build annual targets, quarterly goals, and meet with you weekly to share comprehensive progress EVERY WEEK. This is very uncommon in the marketplace and it’s a true partnership, unlike a transactional service provider relationships.

What is Hook + Ladder’s client onboarding process?

Hook + Ladder onboard new client partners with our flagship 13-week system, ‘90 Day Growth Ramp’. Each week, we tackle one or more foundational marketing elements to unlock a high-performing marketing organization for our new client partner. Learn more about the 90 Day Growth Ramp here

How much does it cost to work with Hook + Ladder?

Most of our client partners retain Hook + Ladder as their digital marketing department for the cost of 1 to 2 full-time employees’ salary. When taking into account other expenses like media budget or software licenses, most of our client partners have a marketing budget of $200K CAD or higher. 

I am interested in learning more. What are the next steps?

Contact us by filling out a form or booking an intro call with Caleb, our Chief Partnership Officer & Co-Founder.