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At Hook + Ladder....

We devote 110% of our attention to creating epic new realities for small & medium business clients and transforming our corporate clients’ businesses for the digital age.

We are equal parts marketing consultants and business strategists. We study industry trends and consumer behaviours before crafting our problem-solving, opportunity-seizing solutions.

We take growing our clients’ businesses seriously and play the role of their business partner rather than a marketing vendor.

We are also serious about growing ourselves as individuals and as a business – that’s why we are always in search of like-minded leaders who share the same values as us.

Career Opportunities

  • Creating record-breaking campaigns using digital advertising strategies on Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Tiktok and more! 
  • Strategic planning, managing, optimizations, and reporting on digital advertising campaigns for a robust client portfolio.
  • Analyzing data & making data-backed decisions to improve our clients’ results drastically. 
  • Creating engaging reports and dashboards that compile and communicate the value of our marketing initiatives to our clients.
  • Manage digital marketing programs for clients with diverse budgets.
  • Lead project management, onboarding, and contract renewal discussions.
  • Oversee a team, foster communication, and build client trust.
  • Advocate for client needs and minimize misalignment.
  • Ensure project timelines, budgets, and scopes are met
  • Drive business goals impacted by digital marketing.
  • Provide timely client support and issue resolution.
  • Create eye-catching and engaging static graphics for various social media platforms that align with our client’s brand identities and marketing goals.
  • Design static graphics for Google Ads and Social Media Ads, ensuring they are visually appealing and optimized for maximum click-through rates.
  • Develop visually appealing web assets, including website banners, icons, and other digital elements to enhance user experience and website aesthetics.
  • Tailor social media strategies and campaigns to meet specific client expectations and brand guidelines, ensuring client satisfaction and achieving brand goals.
  • Create Monthly Content Calendars and Stories to maintain a consistent and engaging brand presence across social media platforms.
  • Conduct thorough research to identify trends, audience preferences, and emerging platforms to enhance the brand’s social media presence.
  • Craft engaging and original social media content, incorporating multimedia elements and ensuring a consistent brand voice and style.

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The Great Game of Business

We play in the game of business alongside our clients, and we believe that it is essential that each Hook + Ladder team member has a good grip on business fundamentals regardless of their functional role. 

This is why we chose to become a practitioner of The Great Game of Business™. This business methodology creates transparency through open-book management, empowers individuals to make informed decisions and be rewarded by having a stake in the outcome. To learn more about The Great Game of Business ™, go here.

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