Mr. Lube

From Average to Industry-Leading Social Channels

The Challenge

Calgary’s economic downturn produced a significant, negative impact on the real estate market. With low buyer interest and a high number of competing listings, The Guardian Calgary was struggling to acquire leads, let alone sell their ready-to-move-in luxury homes.

What we did

Plan & Perform

We develop quarterly social media strategies that align with Mr. Lube’s annual marketing calendar to support national promotions, regional initiatives, charity events, new store openings, and seasonal offerings. Mr. Lube’s social channels are an extension of their customers’ in-store experience where they learn about the latest offers, get car care tips, ask questions, raise concerns, and engage with the Mr. Lube community.


By planning and producing highly- engaging entertainment content, we effectively capture and retain Mr. Lube social media followers. On-brand, interactive and audience-centric mini-games, 3D augmented reality filters, contests, animations and Instagram stickers are distributed on social channels to capture audience attention and keep Mr. Lube top-of-mind.


We provide high-value and season-relevant education to social followers through mini-videos, infographics, blogs, stories, and post caption copy. Rather than a promotional tone, educational topics focus on providing value to Mr. Lube followers & establishing brand authority through automotive care tips, car safety information and seasonal precautions. We love seeing followers saving Mr. Lube’s posts for future reference 🙂

Sustainable & Rapid Growth

We are able to consistently grow Mr. Lube’s social following through a combination of various paid social amplification, social contests, micro-influencer outreach, and proactive engagement activities. Note: We are talking about growing real, existing/ prospective customers of Mr. Lube!

The Transformation

Mr. Lube’s social program has evolved to be the leader of its industry and continues to experience active growth. Its digital presence has taken a substantial leap forward, securing an instrumental role in the growth of this national brand.


Increase in response rate


Increase in video views


Increase in IG Stories reach


Increase of audience participation

21.7 minutes

Average response time


Video views in a year


Users reached


Contest entries in 6 months

The Results

Frequently asked questions

What does Hook + Ladder do and for whom?

Hook + Ladder provides a full-service digital marketing department for established and growing brands that have a lean marketing department of 3 or less full time marketers.

What does Hook + Ladder actually do?

For the price of 1 to 2 employees’ salary, H+L provides our client partners access to a top notch social media team, digital advertising strategist, creative director and content team, email marketing, automation & analytics specialists, web developer, SEO specialists, and more.

How is Hook + Ladder different from other digital marketing agencies?

Every client partner we work with is a long-term partner. We will learn about their business and industry deeply, no different than how their employees would. We seldom take on ad-hoc project work because we have built enough marketing systems to know that ultra successful marketing takes strategy, learning, co-creation with our clients, and time.

You will have an H+L Director as your counterpart, someone who is at a marketing leadership level. You can see this individual as your Senior Digital Marketing Manager, who will work with you to build annual targets, quarterly goals, and meet with you weekly to share comprehensive progress EVERY WEEK. This is very uncommon in the marketplace and it’s a true partnership, unlike a transactional service provider relationships.

What is Hook + Ladder’s client onboarding process?

Hook + Ladder onboard new client partners with our flagship 13-week system, ‘90 Day Growth Ramp’. Each week, we tackle one or more foundational marketing elements to unlock a high-performing marketing organization for our new client partner. Learn more about the 90 Day Growth Ramp here

How much does it cost to work with Hook + Ladder?

Most of our client partners retain Hook + Ladder as their digital marketing department for the cost of 1 to 2 full-time employees’ salary. When taking into account other expenses like media budget or software licenses, most of our client partners have a marketing budget of $200K CAD or higher. 

I am interested in learning more. What are the next steps?

Contact us by filling out a form or booking an intro call with Caleb, our Chief Partnership Officer & Co-Founder.


Suite #112 - 1215 13th Street SE
Calgary, AB T2G4Y3

[email protected]


Suite #130 - 10691 Shellbridge Way
Richmond, BC V6X ZW8

[email protected]


Suite #112 - 1215 13th Street SE
Calgary, AB T2G4Y3

[email protected]


Suite #130 - 10691 Shellbridge Way
Richmond, BC V6X ZW8

[email protected]

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