Customer Acquisition Funnel

Designed to be predictable, repeatable and profitable.

This program is designed for

Marketing leaders who find themselves in one or more of these situations:

You think your competitors are better at digital marketing than you

A more professional website, stronger social presence, streamlined email content, higher ranking on Google, more online customer endorsements...the list goes on. You can’t pinpoint how much the absence of a digital marketing strategy is costing you, but you know you need to evolve, or you will evaporate.

You are in an industry where many players are still playing the old marketing game from a decade ago

You know that a best-in-class digital marketing system will make your business a leader in the industry, and procrastination would cost you substantial business growth.

You've dipped your toe into digital marketing, but realized you need an expert to make it work

You were hoping that, as someone who has never successfully built a profitable marketing funnel, you will learn on the go and succeed. You have come to realize that if you work with the right team, marketing will become a profit centre instead of an expense line item.

Generate qualified leads

Hydrate your sales pipeline by leveraging digital ads, targeted outreach, creative visuals, high converting web pages, email automation, and more.

Sell products & services online

With a comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy, a robust analytics system, and a proven scaling framework, you will have daily access to proof-of-ROI in real-time.

Increase brand awareness

Promote your products or services and reach your ideal customers through a well-planned and strategic digital advertising approach. 

A proven digital marketing system

Ingredients of a customer acquisition funnel

Engaging creative digital content

High-performing digital ads across various platforms

A targeted outreach mechanism to reach prospects

Webpages designed & optimized for conversion

An analytics system & integrated CRM designed to track marketing ROI

A well-designed email & social media marketing system to nurture leads & ascend existing customers at scale

Nando’s Peri-Peri Chicken



jump in online sales

The Core Shopping Centre



increase in foot traffic

The Guardian



value of units sold

We have answers to your questions

If you already have a well-established digital marketing funnel in place, we will start with a thorough analysis of your existing program. This might include your website, email marketing, digital ads, social media, search engine rankings, creative content, analytics infrastructure, etc. Upon completing the audit, we will identify the key gaps & opportunities and develop an action plan to achieve the desired results.

If you don’t already have a working digital marketing system, you will be invited to take part in our flagship 90-Day Growth Ramp program, a 13-week activation where we co-create your business marketing strategy and launch marketing systems in short order. 

A lot. Most marketing agencies are product-focused and build their business around one functional area (e.g. creative agencies, SEO agencies, advertising agencies, web development agencies..etc.). 

At Hook + Ladder, we believe digital marketing is at the core of a business’ growth & retention strategy. It is not a set of nice-to-have activities which only generate intangible results. This is why we subscribe to the fact that the best marketing strategies cannot be prescribed to a business but co-created with the business. 

At Hook + Ladder, we see a successful digital marketing system to be predictable like a ‘vending machine.’ For every $1 invested, it yields a return multiple within the expected time period. It is not a ‘slot machine’ that only works once in a while. This is why we keep track of and discuss key performance indicators with our client partners on a weekly basis. 

At Hook + Ladder, digital marketing is not one profession but a collection of many areas of specialization which one or two people can’t master. Just like how an electrical engineer has an entirely different set of expertise as a civil engineer, each field of marketing requires different talent ranging from copywriter to social media strategist to media buyer to email marketer, just to name a few. This is why we assign our clients with a cross-functional team of 4 to 5 marketers with different areas of specialization. More importantly, each cross-functional team is only working with a small quantity of client partners so that they can invest their time to understand and work shoulder-to-shoulder with each of our client partners. This is very different from how most other marketing agencies operate. 

At Hook + Ladder, our years of experience taught us that an effective digital marketing system is iteratively built over time. The goal is to accomplish progress over perfection, achieve clarity through actions. While we leverage best practices based on our experience, we don’t let our ego and pre-existing beliefs get in our own way. We deploy low-risk experiments to our target audience and let data & results guide us to our best course of action. This is something that many marketing agencies claim and aspire to be, but we are proud that this is truly a core competence of Hook + Ladder.

In most cases, new Hook + Ladder clients will see digital marketing systems launched into the market within 4 to 6 weeks of initiating strategy development. During this time, our team would be making weekly progress on customer and competitor research, strategy development, creative and content production, and system implementation.

Our business model is built to support client partners who are serious about making marketing a profit center instead of an expense line item. In most cases, our client partners invest a budget equivalent to 1 to 3 full-time employee’s salaries per year with Hook + Ladder.

Ready to build a predictable, repeatable and profitable marketing system?

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Suite #112 - 1215 13th Street SE
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Suite #130 - 10691 Shellbridge Way
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