As an introduction to Hook + Ladder and this role that we are looking to fill, please watch this video – CLICK HERE

Job Responsibilities:

Compensation & Scope Stages:

There are 3  stages for this position which you could either progress through sequentially or remain at a stage that fits best with your schedule and lifestyle:

Stage 1: Conduct cold outreach (phone and email) to generate initial interest amongst our target audience and turn that interest into an initial discovery call with a member of our strategic accounts team. You are offered a commission in exchange for all leads you generate who turn into a converted client.

Stage 1 Compensation: A commission fee will be paid to you for all leads that you generate who turn into converted clients. Commission percentages will be discussed within the interview process.

Stage 2: In addition to cold outreach you would now participate as a more active member of the business development team. This would involve your participation in active sales strategy refinement and increased touch points with client leads through the sales funnel including discovery, proposals and securing a signed service agreement

Stage 2 Compensation: Base Salary + Commission

Stage 3: In stage 3 you will participate in the same activities outlined in stage 1 and 2 and your responsibility will increase to include supporting and managing a new sales team

Stage 3 Compensation: Increased Base Salary + Commission

Sales Representative Qualifications/Skills:

You know, all the obvious things…

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

If you’re interested in joining the team, please shoot a video and send it to [email protected] with the Subject Header “I Love Sales – [Your First and Last Name]”

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