Social Media Transformation

Designed to elevate established brands & take their online presence to the next level.

The most common mistakes with social media

Based on our 10+ years of experience in managing social media for regional and national brands.

Underutilizing Social

Established brands treating their social media channels as a cost center and low business priority, when it should be a profit centre driving new customer acquisition, frequency of purchase and larger transaction size.

Paying Other People's Tuition

Executives expecting a junior team member that has never successfully built or grown a social media program to 'learn-as-they-go.' As a result, they are using their brand as a learning ground at the cost of the company's stakeholders.

Chasing Metrics That Don't Matter

Focusing only on top-of-funnel marketing metrics that do not translate into tangible business value or return on marketing investment and do not integrate with the company's holistic marketing strategy & goals.

What Is a H+L Social Transformation?

At H+L, we build our clients’ social media programs to support four core business functions:

Social Listening

Monitor and respond to customer service and reputation management issues online.

Social Influencing

Establish authority through the distribution of informative, entertaining and “share worthy” content. Daily posts published on applicable social media channels.

Social Networking

Identify and associate with influential individuals and brands on the social web.

Social Selling

Generate leads and sales from existing customers and prospects through social media.

How we build a social media program

We’ve developed a successful and effective process to ensure we generate significant business results while pursuing exciting and innovative strategies. Every 12 weeks, we will review the previous quarter’s marketing performance against our annual goals and align on the game plan for the upcoming quarter.

What It Includes

Social Strategy & Execution

Upon Onboarding

We analyze your existing social channels, competitors, and target audience to develop a social strategy and implementation plan. With this information, we establish monthly social goals, which we measure against regularly. 


We conduct listening scans across social channels, digital media publications and forums to pick up critical conversations and make data-driven decisions. Based on this, (plus your business priorities and the quarterly results) we propose a strategic action plan to keep elevating your social presence. 


We pre-build editorial calendars for the next month and schedule them for distribution. A full editorial calendar includes the feed strategy & preview, copywriting, hashtag strategy, boosting plan, etc. Additionally, we execute contesting and paid social media campaigns to fuel growth.


We respond to and engage with all comments and messages from your followers. We proactively engage with your users inside and outside your community to increase awareness of your brand and foster genuine and long-lasting relationships.

How we build a social media program

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Upon Onboarding
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Whats include?

MR MIKES Steakhouse



increase in social media followers


increase in engagement

Tommy Gun’s Barbershop



increase in social media followers


increase in engagement

Mr. Lube Canada



increase in social media followers


increase in engagement

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