growth league podcast Mona Csada, VP of Marketing at VirtualGurus

Mona Csada, VP of Marketing at Virtual Gurus, discusses various aspects of marketing and leadership. She highlights the challenges faced by marketers, the importance of trust and transparency in building strong teams, the need for adaptability in a changing industry, and the significance of measuring ROI and finding the right external partners. Mona also shares the importance of vulnerability and courage in marketing, and the value of pursuing passions outside of work.


Anna Murphy, Director of Marketing at LiveSchool, discusses various aspects of marketing and growth strategies in the education technology industry. She emphasizes the importance of utilizing a demand generation approach to drive revenue rather than just generating leads. Anna also talks about aligning messaging with economic conditions and goals of schools, and the importance of being specific and direct in marketing messages. Overall, we highlight the significance of aligning marketing strategies with revenue goals and understanding the needs of the target audience.


In this episode of the Growth League Podcast, Penney McTaggart-Cowan, VP Marketing at Calgary Co-Op, delves into the evolving world of marketing, stressing the need to adapt while upholding core values. She shares insights from the dynamic grocery retail sector and her unique journey into marketing. Emphasizing community engagement and aligning marketing with business objectives, Penney underscores continuous skill development and result-driven strategies.


In their insightful discussion, Caleb and Teale Orban, VP of Marketing at OEB Breakfast Co., explore the nuances of digital marketing in the contemporary landscape. Teale shares his journey at OEB, emphasizing the importance of culinary excellence in branding. They delve into OEB’s unique strategies, from leveraging third-party collaborations for fresh content to maintaining brand integrity as they scale. With a keen focus on community engagement, agile partnerships, and the value of transparency, their conversation underscores the dynamic challenges and rewards in the realm of digital marketing.


Samira Amin, the Director of Marketing at Grand & Toy, shares her journey and motivation behind joining the company. She saw it as an opportunity to revive the brand’s greatness and connect with the Canadian community. Despite being scared of the challenge, she took on the assignment to define what the brand would look like and bring it back to its former glory. She also mentions the importance of making an impact on a broader societal level.


Brianna Miller, the Marketing Director at Protenus, shares about the importance of marketing and how it is relevant to all fields, not just marketing itself. She believes that everyone is a little bit of a marketer and that marketing is essential for the success of any business or organization. She also discusses the challenges she faces as a marketing leader, the tools and superpowers she relies on, the prioritization of SQLs over MQLs, leveraging automation and email nurturing, maintaining a strong client-agency relationship, trying new marketing strategies, and effectively responding to customer actions.


Caitlin Cassidy, VP of Marketing at Beyondm shares the importance of marrying content and communications to tell cohesive stories. She is drawn to Beyond because of their product-market fit and the immediate impact she can make in solving customers’ problems. Cassidy discusses the significance of lifecycle marketing and explains how she is investing in it to improve key metrics. She also shares her approach to budgeting and allocating funds for marketing, highlighting the importance of flexibility and investing wisely for maximum impact.

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