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Hook & Ladder Digital – Calgary, AB or Vancouver, BC

While Hook & Ladder is a digital marketing agency, we define what we do as building success for our clients and ourselves by creating awesome together. We aren’t interested in being just another marketing vendor; we partner with our clients in transforming their businesses for the digital age. We do this by taking our knowledge of industry trends and consumer behaviour to craft problem-solving, opportunity-seizing solutions. 

Beyond that, we value creating an environment for our team that supports growth and creativity so you can focus on doing the work you love and making an impact. As one of our team members puts it:

‘We are treated as individuals, and when we bring up problems, the focus is on solutions. It feels like a family here.’

Are you interested in becoming part of a collaborative, results-focused team? Are you interested in building digital traffic systems that create high-impact outcomes for clients using evidence-based strategies? If so, then this might be a fit for you.


We are seeking an entrepreneurial-minded and experienced marketer who wants to work with other competent and business-minded teammates in a fast-moving environment. You recognize the importance of using data to drive highly agile, strategic initiatives and have the ability to translate that data into informed and educated business decisions. 

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Creating record-breaking campaign strategies using digital advertising, outreach, email, analytics & more! 
  • Setting up, managing, and reporting on digital advertising campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Display & more).
  • Analyzing data & making data-backed decisions to improve our clients’ results drastically. 
  • Creating engaging reports that communicate the value of our marketing initiatives to our clients.
  • Using creative writing and design to tell engaging stories, articulate value, and drive action on landing pages, emails, ads, etc.  
  • Innovating & pushing the boundaries of digital marketing.

This position plays a critical role in our cross-functional team. Below are some of the key qualities which would make you a great fit as an H+L Funnel Marketing Strategist:

  • Have a minimum of 3 years experience working as a marketing professional.
  • Have started a business or freelanced in the past as a digital marketer.
  • Have expert-level knowledge of traditional and innovative digital advertising platforms & tactics.
  • Have a passion for creating evidence-based strategies: Using data, logic, and experience to make improvements, drive results, and scale successful campaigns.
  • You’re resourceful. If you don’t have the answers, you can find them. You enjoy educating yourself on digital marketing best practices and nothing is better than discovering an amazing new tool.
  • You’re collaborative. You thrive in an environment where you are learning and teaching simultaneously.
  • SEM and SEO knowledge or experience.
  • Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and Search Ads knowledge or experience.
  • A desire to stay ahead of the digital marketing landscape and you follow leaders in the digital marketing space such as Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Sam Ovens & others.
  • Flexible work location (remote or in-person if you like) 
  • Flexible schedule (focus on results – not time!)
  • We give you autonomy to lead and innovate 
  • We invest in your career with ongoing training and coaching to support your growth and development

If you think you are the right team member we are looking for, check out our Instagram to get a feel of our team. Hopefully, you think we qualify to be on your team too 🙂


Apply immediately here. We will be interviewing shortly.

 works with companies who want to hire great employees!  With a focus on company and team culture, we ensure that you get not only the best candidate, but the right fit as well.



Frequently asked questions

What does Hook + Ladder do and for whom?

Hook + Ladder provides a full-service digital marketing department for established and growing brands that have a lean marketing department of 3 or less full time marketers.

What does Hook + Ladder actually do?

For the price of 1 to 2 employees’ salary, H+L provides our client partners access to a top notch social media team, digital advertising strategist, creative director and content team, email marketing, automation & analytics specialists, web developer, SEO specialists, and more.

How is Hook + Ladder different from other digital marketing agencies?

Every client partner we work with is a long-term partner. We will learn about their business and industry deeply, no different than how their employees would. We seldom take on ad-hoc project work because we have built enough marketing systems to know that ultra successful marketing takes strategy, learning, co-creation with our clients, and time.

You will have an H+L Director as your counterpart, someone who is at a marketing leadership level. You can see this individual as your Senior Digital Marketing Manager, who will work with you to build annual targets, quarterly goals, and meet with you weekly to share comprehensive progress EVERY WEEK. This is very uncommon in the marketplace and it’s a true partnership, unlike a transactional service provider relationships.

What is Hook + Ladder’s client onboarding process?

Hook + Ladder onboard new client partners with our flagship 13-week system, ‘90 Day Growth Ramp’. Each week, we tackle one or more foundational marketing elements to unlock a high-performing marketing organization for our new client partner. Learn more about the 90 Day Growth Ramp here

How much does it cost to work with Hook + Ladder?

Most of our client partners retain Hook + Ladder as their digital marketing department for the cost of 1 to 2 full-time employees’ salary. When taking into account other expenses like media budget or software licenses, most of our client partners have a marketing budget of $200K CAD or higher. 

I am interested in learning more. What are the next steps?

Contact us by filling out a form or booking an intro call with Caleb, our Chief Partnership Officer & Co-Founder.


Suite #112 - 1215 13th Street SE
Calgary, AB T2G4Y3

[email protected]


Suite #130 - 10691 Shellbridge Way
Richmond, BC V6X ZW8

[email protected]


Suite #112 - 1215 13th Street SE
Calgary, AB T2G4Y3

[email protected]


Suite #130 - 10691 Shellbridge Way
Richmond, BC V6X ZW8

[email protected]