Are you confident that money grows on trees and it’s yours for the taking? Do you believe in your abilities, strengths, and potential for massive growth so much that you feel unstoppable?

If you’re looking for an opportunity to swing for the fences every time, maximize your earning potential, and discover new things about yourself, this might be the perfect fit.

If you’re humble, hungry, and smart, you’ll fit right in here—and probably make a lot of money.

This is NOT the right place or the right opportunity for you if:

  • You’re an asshole 
  • You like to talk a lot about how much you know
  • You’re okay to settle for “good enough” 
  • You dread the word “No”
  • You’re closed off to learning new things 
  • You don’t enjoy a little pain
  • You have a hard time asking people for their money 
  • You don’t make other people around you feel amazing


If this isn’t for you, that’s totally okay. In that case, please do us a favour and pass this posting along to the best people you know. The people you know are absolute winners; they will thank you. 

If, on the other hand, you want to fire off like one of Elon’s rockets and build a lucrative book of business, then read on…

  • Prospecting: Use your resourcefulness and drive to book intro meetings regularly and get in the game.
  • Qualify and Close: Efficiently qualify and close new business opportunities to build your own book.
  • Maintain & Deepen Relationships: Support your full-time internal team with client management and deepen client relationships through impactful touchpoints.
  • Sales Support: Assist Client Success Managers (CSMs) and their teams in upsell and renewal conversations.
  • Admin: Stay organized with a personal plan, manage your pipeline, take good notes, and ensure smooth client onboarding.


  • Lucrative Earning Potential: Escalating commission-based role. The more you sell, the more commission you make. 100% commission-based role with performance incentives.
  • Comprehensive Training: 90 days of group-based reinforcement training, role-playing, and feedback from a seasoned expert.
  • Support: Proposal development support from service-specific leads and CSMs.
  • Sales Enablement Resources: Access to lead magnets, case studies, testimonials, product and pricing guides, proposal templates, and more.
  • Tools: Licenses for Loom, Apollo, Line 2 U.S VOIP, Google Suite, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and CRM.
  • Transparent Commission Tracking: Private dashboard to track and reconcile commissions in real time. Start envisioning your book of business here.
  • Incentive Structure: Additional incentives based on high performance, rewarding your dedication and success. 
  • Long-Term Success: We pay you an ongoing commission for as long as the client remains with us. Build yourself a passive income stream.
  • Strong Sales Leadership & Ongoing Mentoring from one of Hook & Ladders co-founders



At Hook & Ladder, we have a proven track record of working with well-known brands. Our culture is vibrant, supportive, and dynamic. If you are already a high earner or someone who wants to challenge yourself to excel and you are ready to make the leap, we want to hear from you!

We pride ourselves on our vibrant, supportive culture and commitment to client success. We are looking for top-tier talent—those who see this role as a chance to build a highly lucrative book of business over time. If you’re a high performer ready to make an impact and reap the rewards, apply now!

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