Ignite Your Growth Potential

A 90-day onboarding program designed to

Start your 13-week journey

To co-create your digital marketing foundation

How it works


Meet your marketing team

You’ll have a full-service digital marketing department dedicated to accomplishing your business and marketing objectives. This team is experienced in marketing strategy, advertising funnels, email marketing, creative development, and social media marketing.


Build the foundation

During the first month of the 90-Day Growth Ramp, we work together to:


Implement your initial marketing system

By the end of the second month, marketing systems will be developed, launched into the market and we’ll start collecting data.


Results & strategy refinement

In the final month of the 90-Day Growth Ramp, we continue to measure, analyze and optimize the campaign in the market. We will extract the data from the campaign and leverage the newly uncovered insights to strengthen our strategy. We will also prescribe our recommended marketing plan and goals for the next 90 days at the end of month 3.

Who is it for?

Marketing Directors looking to do one or more of these things:


Your competitors have a more professional website, stronger social presence, better content, a higher ranking on Google, more customer endorsements... the list goes on. You can’t pinpoint how much the absence of a strong digital marketing strategy is costing you, but you know your company needs to evolve or it will evaporate.

Put the right people in the right seats

You tiptoed into marketing hoping that you or an internal team member that has never successfully built profitable marketing programs will learn-as-they-go, but you came to realize that working with the right team with the right plan will turn your marketing into a profit centre instead of an expense line item.

Disrupt & thrive in a traditional industry

You are in an industry where many players are still playing the old marketing game from a decade or two ago. You know that a best-in-class digital marketing system will turn your business into an industry leader and procrastination will cost you the opportunity for substantial growth.

First-hand experience of the 90-Day Growth Ramp

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Your investment is guaranteed

Obviously, we can’t guarantee your success. No one can.

Here’s what we can do. If for any reason, within the first two weeks of us working together, you are not fully satisfied with your experience, learning, or progress, you can pay only the amount that you feel you have received as value to your company. Just provide your written feedback within two weeks after your first workshop with us and we will refund you any amount you request, even the entire amount you paid, if necessary.

You have nothing to lose, and so, so much to gain.

So join today, and together we’ll build and execute a plan that will unleash your business’ potential.

We are more than marketers

We are business partners

Hear about what our business partners have to say about their experience with Hook + Ladder.

Our client partners


Co-Founders of Hook + Ladder Digital Inc., Tonny Lam & Caleb Clark, share their founding story as guests of Change The Game(TM) Podcast.

Listen or read the full interview here.

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